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Añadido ssd m4 cruzial

Pues manos a la obra y un poco de respeto para abrir un Mac Mini nuevecito de trinca para añadir un ssd y mejorar su rendimiento, ya que necesito tener una buena experiencia para no querer dejarlo aparcado.

Gracias a los amigos de ifixit y su video explicativo para abrir el Mac Mini parece todo muy facil y este modelo no es excesivamente complicado, asi que esperemos que vaya todo bien.

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Instalado el disco ssd, todo ha ido bien excepto por un detalle que no sale en el video pero por suerte no ha sido muy complicado. Una goma que impide la entrada de polvo por el conector de alimentacion que sale sola y un clip que coge el conector y no explica que hay que retirarlo.

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Con esto espero notar como va mas fliudo porque cuando abro cualquier ventana le cuesta abrirse un poco, no es algo instantaneo y no llega a ser molesto pero justamente quiero que el sistema vuele literalmente.

Kidnapped by a Mac Mini

Couple of weeks ago I traveled to the US just to be one of the first geeks from this side of the world to get his hands on a new iPad Mini. After three fails on different Apple Stores in Florida (Dadeland, Aventura and Licoln Road) I finally got one in a hidden Best Buy at Doral, a 64GB, black beautiful iPad Mini. Mission accomplished.

You can’t take an 8 hours flight to the states and don’t buy anything from an Apple Store! It’s insane especially when your wife gave it to you as an anniversary gift (honey, just fly there and get your stupid gadget before I go crazy). So, I went again to the Dadeland Mall, walk into the Apple Store and decided to go Minimalistic by getting a brand new, late 2012, intel core 7, Mac Mini.

This new Minis are so cute, perfectly shaped, silver and perfectly matched with my old 1TB Time Capsule where I kept the backup from my old Mac Book Pro which is perfect because you just need that to get your new computer configured just like the old one, same desktop, connections, email accounts, etc.

There was just one problem (2 actually), after a smooth install of apps key chains for Microsoft Office I tried to update my two, most frequently used, apps: Aperture and iPhoto. The result? An alert saying these programmes were not compatible with OS X 10.8.1, go get the 10.8.2 and it will work fine. So, we the hell is the 10.8.2 update? Didn’t appear in the App Store you know? Or click on the little apple in the upper left corner of your screen then “Software update” and voila! No updates available for you OS.

Tried to download the update from the Internet? If you have a late 2012 Mac Mini or a 13″ New Mac Book Pro with Retina Display, you probably realised already that your volume is not compatible with this update.

It’s al fine! I said to myself, I can always run the programmes in the old version, well apparently YOU CAN’T!!! So, my photos and the only two apps I have por processing them are lost between two versions of the same operating system.

Apple’s answer to this problem is… “Just wait”. But I’ve been a fan of Apple for many years and I’m not used to wait. So I’m planning to do the following:

  • Buy Adobe Lightroom from Amazon’s Black Friday special (79.99)
  • Keep using my iPad for post processing and sharing
  • Get a Samsung Galaxy 3 as my next smartphone, just for revenge.

Stay Apple.

Primeras impresiones y Benchmarks del Apple Mac Mini 2012

Buenas, Macminicolo ya ha conseguido tener en sus manos el nuevo Mac Mini del 2012 presentado el día

El Mac Mini también se renueva

  El pequeño de la casa se ha renovado también, aunque sólo por dentro. El Mac Mini, el ordenad

iMac y Mac Mini al mismo precio o similar al actual…

Buenas, parece que la renovación del Mac mini y el iMac de Apple estarán bastante igualados en lo qu
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